I’m Simone, I like making pretty things, and making pretty photographs is my absolute favourite.

Growing up you could have described me as an artist, but with little talent! I had no remarkable skills when it came to drawing or painting, though I was constantly doing both – so absorbed with the idea of putting on paper the amazing things of imagination.

I soon realised that photography could offer me a way of showing people the way I saw the world, a way of getting my imagination into print. I can even remember the very first one. It was a horrible shot, I cropped off people’s heads, the horizon line was pretty much diagonal, but it was all mine.

My career aspirations moved across many fields as I grew up, from K-Mart check-out-chick to Doctor, to Architect, I could never quite pin it down to one thing. But when I was 15, I enrolled in Year 9 Photography and learned the magic of the dark room. Waiting patiently for my images to magically appear was amazing. I knew this was something I would love forever.

In 2012 I graduated from the Australian National University with a Bachelor of Visual Arts majoring in Photomedia. It was the greatest decision I’ve made yet! Studying at the ANU’s School of Art gave me a fantastic perspective on not only contemporary photography but many other art practices, from sculpture to painting, life drawing to glass blowing. It was such a valuable experience, which has shaped my photographic practice in a profound way.

Now, you’ll find me chasing pretty light, looking for beautiful things in everyday life, working with couples, families and kiddies to make special images to keep forever.

Nice to meet you! xx