J & J - Duntroon Wedding, January 2015

Note:This wedding was originally posted over 4 posts, but I have combined them alotgether here - so please forgive the picture HEAVY post! Ta, Simone.

J & J - Simone Green Photography



J & J’s wedding day -  there are just so many pictures that I love, and would love for the bride and grooms to share with their family and friends.

This first selection is all about the bride and the bridesmaids, from hair and make up to sneaky pizza.

The morning before the wedding is often crazy busy, full of last minute details. But, I cannot tell you how much this morning was different! The bridal party were all so organised and calm. Even with a last minute shoe purchase, this morning was almost relaxing!


There was a slight rain delay which the boys obviously weren’t too impressed by, but once the ladies arrived the ceremony just flew by!

I was lucky enough to have my great friend, Kater of Kater May Photography, as my second shooter for the day. Having Kater as my second shooter allowed me to move around and get what I wanted, whilst knowing she was getting anything I might have missed. It was a great opportunity for me to learn from another photographer, and it was also just heaps of fun working with Kate again!

It was a beautiful ceremony, as with everything else with these guys, things just ran so smoothly. The cheeky little page boys absolutely rocked my socks. The littlest one didn’t quite make it all the way down the aisle, but it was a stellar effort!

I was lucky enough to get plenty of time to shoot with these guys, and run around some beautiful locations.  Some might also say we were lucky enough to get a nice overcast day, but that overcast day had some very wet moments, so we had some battles!! Thanks to the Bridal Party for being absolute champions, and fighting through the spontaneous downpours!

I was shooting with my lovely second shooter Kater, from Kater May Photography, who helped the shoot run smoothly, and did an amazing job!

Again, there were so many images I love, and want to share them here with you too!